Volunteers needed to staff event


While the last festival, in October, was very successful, the behind the scenes work was done by relatively few people.

This year, there are even less, as many of the directors are moving on and with other obligations and leaving their positions, including Festival President Laura Lawrenz. Other members have tendered their resignations as well; combine that with the positions that had been open in the past years, it leaves a situation that is becoming untenable.

“As the people that have been involved since the beginning have moved on, there’s a problem getting younger people on board,” Lawrenz said. “One person cannot handle this.”

Lawrenz will remain as president until a replacement is found.

In addition to the president position, other positions needing to be filled include vice president; bookkeeper; Biergarten beer and sales coordinators; cooking demonstration chair; Biergarten and Gospel Stage entertainment coordinators;; coordinators for the Gala Dinner auction, decoration and raffle;; and coordinators for the Live Auction, Wine Pull, Wineries, Logistics, Silent Auction Coordinator, Souvenir Booth, Taste of Texas Main Gate, Volunteers, Auto Showcase and Waste/Trash.

This year will mark the 17th festival, which by all accounts has grown to bringing in upwards of 15,000 people to Madisonville. It showcases the best of the city and county — from cooking to arts, vendors to cars.

Without volunteers, the festival could be in jeopardy.

To become part of the premier event for Madison County, contact Lawrenz at the Madisonville Convention and Tourism Department at (936) 348-9333.

A meeting of the Mushroom Festival Planning Committee will be held at 5:15 Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the Woodbine. All interested persons are encouraged to attend.