Vote totals change slightly

Runoff not needed for County Commissioner Precinct 2


A race that previously was reported as headed for a runoff has been changed by the election administrator, and Carl Wiseman of Midway is now the sole candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 2.

Earl Parker, election administrator for Madison County, said last week that after the hubbub of election night wound down, he noticed that in the race for County Commissioner Precinct 2, Carl Wiseman had more than the 50.1 percent of the votes needed to garner the nomination.

Results on Tuesday showed that Wiseman had only 49.66 percent, which forced a runoff with incumbent Thomas Collard, who had 38.64 percent.

However, Parker said, because the undervote percentage was figured into the percentages for all candidates, after a recalculation, Wiseman had the votes needed for the sole nomination.

Wiseman said that the change "tickled him to death.

"I was dreading having to do all that campaigning again, and I feel good it worked out and it will be easier on all of us," he said.

Wiseman said he hopes to pick up where Collard left off.

"I will be meeting with (Collard) to have him show me what he's got going, and in the future, I hope to slip right in and keep things going like it is," he said.

"I appreciate what everyone did for me - for the people putting signs in the yards, to the people that spoke up for me," Wiseman said.