Walker’s garners state attention


Walker’s Café is to be featured in Texas Highway Magazine in a story that highlights key diners to stop at in between Dallas and Houston. Photographer Kevin Stillman represented the magazine and took photos for the story at Walker’s on Wednesday afternoon.

“This is quite an honor,” said Angela Culbreth, the restaurant’s co-owner. “We’ve worked very hard over the last nine years to get it to this point. This is all teamwork so I’m really proud of our family here.”

Culbreth has been the co-owner of Walker’s for nine years along with her best friend Noella Smith. The restaurant has been a staple in the community since the 1940s. The previous owner considered shutting the diner down unless they got an interested buyer. Culbreth and Smith, who had enjoyed the diner like so many others, decided to buy it while they were eating breakfast nine years ago.

Since they purchased the restaurant in 2008, it has remained a popular hotspot in Madisonville. It enjoys a countless numbers of regulars on a daily basis.

“Our regulars are more than customers, they’re family,” said Culbreth. “That’s what has kept Walker’s thriving for decades. It’s been pretty amazing how people have supported this business through the years.”

Texas Highways Magazine is based out of Austin and was written into legislation in 1974 to be the official travel magazine for the state of Texas. It is published monthly by the state’s Department of Transportation. The magazine strives to encourage travel to and within the state and tell the story of Texas throughout the world.

The magazine will focus on Walker’s Dip sandwich, which it calls a counterintuitive sandwich for a small-town diner, as well as the 25-cent coffee.