Winner won’t solve problems


There was an old riddle that used to make the rounds, which posited what it meant when a liar told you he or she was lying.

Other funny things from back in the day state that you can tell if a politician is lying by seeing his or her mouth move.

I’m more of a cause and effect kind of guy.

In watching the presumptive presidential nominees ramp up their pre-convention grandstanding to new heights, I’ve notice each one of them call the other a liar.

I can’t say one way or the other regarding the supposed lies of Donald Trump. Seems to me a person who’s campaigning, giving speeches quite a bit, is liable to trip up over themselves on occasion.

I can speak with a little more confidence about his possible opponent — Hillary Clinton. So many instances of her outright fabrications, flip-flops and lying lies, and yet she still seems to be the brightest star in the liberal sky.

I’m still seeing, too, the lies repeated ad nauseam by the media, by the internet trolls, by supposed cognoscenti on both sides of the coin about who said what.

But the lies, or truths, or what have you, make absolutely no difference, and neither does the candidate.

To be blunt, no candidate will solve the problems the country faces, and no election will work like a magic wand to fix things like crushing national debt, ridiculous regulations that kill business, a broken, dysfunctional health care system, education problems, etc., etc.

None of the candidates will be able to right the wrongs in the federal courts, the immigration system, trade deficits, federal overreach, or imperial edicts regarding bathroom attendance, no matter how many lies, half-truths, flip-flops or misunderstandings they utter.

What we have is a horse race to see who will be the latest zookeeper in Washington, D.C. Just because we got a person who will keep the ship sailing in the direction of monumental debt, or a guy who claims he can fix anything with his stellar business acumen, they still have to deal with Congress, all the Cabinet secretaries and their leviathan bureaucracies, a court system that legislates from the bench, and tinpot oligarchs that order things like investigations by the IRS into conservative groups or quash the release of public records regarding an investigation into violations of national security until after the election.

The entirety of our government exists for the sole purpose of prolonging itself, with the added benefit of curtailing liberty. Congresspeople routinely compromise their values to vote on bills that chip away at our rights, all for the purpose of securing the next election.

Judges are safe from any kind of voter backlash, as appointments, such as for Supreme Court justices, are for life.

The entire process is broken. The reasons Congresspeople are in Washington doesn’t have anything to do with representing constituents any more; it’s to save us from ourselves, and that means laws upon laws upon regulations, ad infinitum.

While the election is one way us voters have to send our message to our government, I feel we as a whole may have to take some more drastic measures, something permanent.

I feel there may be no way out except through an Article 5 convention of states. This allows two-thirds of the states to propose amendments to the Constitution.

Term limits, recall votes, sunset commissions and judicial review and recall would be some of the things that could put the power in this country back where it belongs — with the people.